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2022-05-19 08:55

First, the simulation car model true and false how to distinguish?
I believe that a financial model of the car enthusiasts, it is impossible to collect hundreds of car models around the world, right? But the face of today's mixed consumer market, the face of the car model of the temptation, how to distinguish the authenticity of the car model model? Also brought a car model lovers, for everyone to explain how to distinguish between true and false car model:
Simulation car model factory said that only the real car model has a collection of value, the car model should have a standard ratio, the real model, fine production and original license. Ordinary car model lovers in the collection of car models to pay attention to the following four little knowledge:
Second, the simulation of the car model of the four little knowledge?
1, simulation car model must have its original model, is the original model in accordance with a certain standard ratio narrow, the common ratio of 1: 12,1: 18,1: 24,1: 43 and 1:87, etc., The accuracy of the original car is one of the important criteria for measuring the level of a car model. The size of the toy car design can be small, very casual.
2, the car model factory will not prototype the appearance of the slightest modification and exaggeration, but not imagined a car out of thin air. And many toy car manufacturers tend to be based on customer preferences and production of technical level restrictions on the arbitrary changes, and even can be designed through the imagination of the car did not really prototype. In addition to the overall appearance, the car model in the details should also be a high degree of simulation, often the entire car model will be composed of hundreds or even more components, each component is the corresponding reduction of the corresponding parts of the original models, car parts, The more detailed the description, this car model of the production process is higher. On a good car model, its parts can reach as many as 600, work fine, enough to match with the real car. While the details of the toy car expression far can not reach the level of the car model.
3, the car model selection of high-grade metal materials and plastic made of high processing requirements, painting requirements almost to reach the level of real car.
4, "to make a model of a model, you must get the original authorization Caixing, otherwise it is a violation of intellectual property rights, for this car model production company may have to pay a certain fee.In order to create high-precision model, car model manufacturing Manufacturers need to get the original technical support, to provide accurate data. These are the toy designers do not need.