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2022-05-19 08:55

The car model can be divided according to the characteristics of sports, product material, structure, manufacturing, imitation and other elements of the various types of differences.
According to the characteristics of the movement of car models, can be divided into static car models and dynamic models. One dynamic car model according to the drive form of the difference can be divided into fuel-driven, battery-driven, mechanical drive and inertia drive (also known as back to the car model). Static car models generally focus on highlighting and collection, dynamic car models generally focus on entertainment. Dynamic power model (Gas Power, referred to as GP, oil vehicle) and battery-driven car model (Electrical Power, referred to as EP, tram) generally through remote control to achieve motion control, also known as competitive remote control car (Radio Control, RC), remote control In addition to the general car for the general entertainment, but also for competitive games.
According to the main body of the car model classification, can be divided into alloy car model, plastic car model, resin car model, wood car model, special material car model. Alloy alloy mold commonly used in the alloy for the zinc alloy, lead alloy, aluminum alloy, ferroalloy, etc., which is the mainstream of zinc alloy car model.
According to the structure of the car model classification, can be divided into the overall car model and assembled car model, assembled car model is the car model manufacturers to produce and sell car models of the various components, by the consumer assembly and experience the fun of the assembly process.
According to the car model manufacturing methods can be divided into handmade car model and mechanism car model, handmade car model by hand to create, are generally limited sales, product prices higher, designed for viewing and collection. Mechanism car models can be mass production, to meet more consumer groups.
According to the imitation of the car model classification, can be divided into best-selling car model, classic car model, the concept car model, the image car model. Which is popular car models and classic car imitation are real or historical real car, the concept car to imitate the car manufacturers or scientific research institutions put forward the concept of car, image car imitation of all kinds of animation works (such as animation movies, Animation TV, computer games, comics, etc.) in the car image. Concept car model and image car model is not a real car for reference, the proportion of size and accuracy requirements are relatively low. The best-selling car model is the mainstream of the car model, and with the rapid upgrading of car models and ever-changing; classic car models are mainly used for viewing and collection, valuable, value-added speed, value-added potential; concept car model is still relatively rare, Car models with the popular animation and animation toys image of the powerful appeal of the growing.