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Spraying deviation analysis and treatment methods?

2022-05-12 11:33

Spraying machine production and use process will encounter some problems, if there is spraying bias should be done as follows:

I. Summary of problems:

The deviation problem is always after the replacement of different products, that is, the same type of product in front of the spray for a few days without a problem. Once the replacement of another type of product, the position of spray is different. (In this case, the Angle of the spray gun was properly adjusted by the employee's hand directly and mechanically.) After debugging, it was sprayed for a few days without any problem, but the same problem occurred again when another type of product was sprayed. In this way, every replacement of a product has to be debugged, there are problems.

Ii. Solutions to the problem:

1. The training operator cannot mechanically reverse the spray gun Angle.

2. After replacing the solution, the air pipe and oil pipe should be straightened out before starting the machine to prevent external forces from changing the Angle of the spray gun.

3, adjust the program, to change the Angle of the spray gun, to modify the Angle parameters in the control box.

4, because now the program is the previous programming. It is recommended to modify the programming parameters of each product, and test spray or test run one or two hundred times, and then verify.

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