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Our company was founded in 2008, we are a professional manufacturer of model car factory, we can customized and produce any material, any scale of model cars.

We can from the design and development, tooling, diecasting, injection, spray, printing, assembly, transportation one-stop service for customers.There are lots of qualified team members in Three Stone. For example, some of them worked in EARLY LIGHT INTL LTD, SANDAKAN TECHNOLOGY LTD and CREATIVE MASTER LTD R&D department before. They have wealth work experience in the design and development of car models, unique insights into craftsmanship, innovative awareness and the courage to meet challenges. Therefore, we are confident in building harmonious and win-win situation in the future.

Major Client

TEKNO from Netherlands, their products are 1/50 scale alloy container model trucks and so on. BREKINA from Germany, their products are 1/87 scale plastic model cars; ESVAL from Germany, their products are 1/43 scale resin model cars; NEO from Germany, their products are 1/64 resin model tractors; B-T MODELS from Hong Kong, their products are 1/76 scale alloy    single-decker / double-decker bus, etc;