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The difference between resin car model and alloy car model

2022-09-14 11:18

In fact, the resin car model can also be collectively referred to as the hand plate model. The biggest difference between the resin model and the alloy model is that there is no need to open the mold, only the customer can provide the phase

Based on the photos and size data of the car (it is better if you can provide a 3D drawing file of the real car) to make the hand plate, so the resin model can directly reflect the manufacturer of the car model

Skill and level. The biggest advantage of resin car model compared with alloy car model is that it can greatly shorten the production cycle, and the paint can improve the aging resistance several times

The fineness of the product can be fully reflected. But because the resin models are handmade, they can only be produced in limited quantities or in small batches. So its collection value is far

Far higher than alloy car model, by the world's car model collectors.

▪ Resin model products have the following advantages over alloys

1, delicate texture, smooth, can adhere to a variety of materials. Extend the life of mold paint

2, the color effect is good, can be directly in the car model before the production of spraying color, can also be finished after the color.

3, with better ductility, can be injected into different shapes without cracks, dry crack. High precision to achieve high simulation effect

4. It can be assembled by simple trimming after drying.

5, not easy to wear, not easy to scratch.

6, safe and environmental protection, no toxicity.

7, natural resin can also have the texture of alloy