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What is the value of car model collection?

2022-09-14 11:15

Before we understand the value of a car model, let's re-understand what a car model is. It is generally thought that a car model is a car model, and when we say a car model, we mean a model of a car, not a model of a car. The model car is scaled to the exact proportions of the real car, usually made of alloy and partially made of resin. To make a car model, you first need to have the copyright of the original car, and you also need the design drawings of the original car and many other details. In order to ensure the high simulation after the car model is made, a good car model usually needs hundreds or even thousands of parts, strict metal paint painting and other processes, the really good model can be at least 5 sigma level. Due to model car brand is numerous, the main domestic general consumer brand focused on the original factory model in the mid-range (including domestic factory and imported original factory), Beijing business in Japan, Germany autoart, Germany mini cut and other popular brands, low price of the model mainly by Martha figure, willy, hot wheels, high-end brand has the collection value, such as franklin, Italy BBR, Germany CMC and so on, of course, there are more brands that are not known by too many car friends. The following is a simple introduction to the value of the car model.

1. Collection value of car models

Vehicle model is the carrier of automobile culture and the epitome of the development of automobile industry. From the model can appreciate artistic beauty, can learn scientific knowledge, can learn history, can serve as a bridge of friendship, too many to mention. Of course, the specific model, there are special collection value, especially the model in some limited issues of the best, not only exquisite manufacturing, out-of-print number and a single out-of-print notary, become the world's unique goods, as the bright pearl of the model industry.   If you have the inclination to invest, you can collect some limited-release model cars. Therefore, from an epitome, it can be seen that car models have high historical value, artistic value and commemorative value, and become the treasure of collectors, with extraordinary value.

2. The historical value of car models

The historical value of car models is mainly reflected in the study of the background of car models and related real cars, so as to understand the historical status, influence, social background and other information of the car model, so that car model collectors can increase their knowledge and expand their knowledge. In addition, as the car model is also made through a certain process and released to the market, it also reflects the social and cultural characteristics of the time of car model manufacturing, production technology and other aspects. The most representative model of this kind should be the German CMC series model, among which the Silver Arrow series is the most representative.

3. The ornamental value of car models

Car model is not a toy, car model itself is a kind of art, used as home decoration, has its unique charm and ornamental value. Every part of the car model is very delicate, integrated with today's advanced design and manufacturing technology, the simulation car is strictly scaled down all kinds of world famous cars into a model, the lights, chassis, engine, steering wheel and manufacturer's logo and other parts of the imitation. Some of the best ones even express the weight of the car and the operation of the engine and transmission mechanism in scale, which is a miniature of the real car. In the collection of car models, the one with the largest number of parts is Benz SSKL White elephant originally installed by German CMC, with a total number of parts of 1,885. Other models also have more than 1,000 parts. The number of parts of the general models we usually see is mostly concentrated in a few hundred parts, and some have more than 200 parts.

4. Craft value of car model

The value of handicrafts often reflects the technical and cultural characteristics of their time. Model car is the epitome of manufacturing technology and culture, especially in the production of model car into the advanced production technology and put in a lot of manual labor, has a high value of art and craft. In addition, the model is reduced in accordance with the proportion of the real car, with a high degree of simulation, exquisite materials, long preservation time, strong texture, complex and delicate parts, and more processes. Some exquisite model parts up to 300 pieces, more than 500 processes, this is one of the most important reasons for the high price of car models.

5. Investment value of car models

In the folk knowledge of collection, many people will think that collectibles are as valuable as antiques. Of course, car models also have such attributes. The manufacturing process of car models is complex and the production ratio is small. Some limited issued car models will be distributed to the people after being sold, and it is difficult to find and collect them. Just like the famine in troubled times and the collection in prosperous times, with the continuous improvement of citizens' income and the continuous improvement of their understanding of car models, more and more people join the collection, the demand for car models is also increasing, and its price is also rising.

Some limited-issue models, due to their high brand recognition, the number of people pursuing is also large, after the baptism of time, the number of surviving is also small. The history of the world automobile industry is only more than one hundred years, and the price of models with a history of several decades has risen nearly one hundred times in the trading market.