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What are the characteristics of the car model?

2022-09-14 11:12

Are you really serious about the characteristics of car models?

When we talk about model cars, as model car collectors you should be very familiar with, but the birth of a model car, what features of its appearance do you really pay attention to? If not, then follow us down to learn more about the appearance of our car model features!

1, the simulation car model must have its original model, the original model is reduced in accordance with a certain standard proportion, common proportions are 1/12, 1/18, 1/24, 1/43 and 1/87, etc., the accuracy of the proportion with the original car is one of the important standards to measure the manufacturing level of a car model. The size of the toy car design can be large or small, very arbitrary.

2. In order to faithfully reproduce the real car, the model maker will not modify or exaggerate the appearance of the prototype car, let alone imagine a car out of thin air. And many toy cars may also be a copy of the real car, but the manufacturer will often according to the customer's preferences and the technical level of production limits to modify at will, a lot of arbitrariness. Toy designers can also use their imaginations to create cars that don't exist in the real world, but this kind of imagination is "not allowed" in the model. In addition to the overall appearance, the automobile model type should also be highly simulated in details, often the whole automobile model will be composed of hundreds or even more parts, each part is the corresponding parts of the original model of the reduction, the more parts of the automobile model, the finer the parts, indicating that the production process of the automobile model is higher. However, the detail expression of toy cars is far from reaching the level of car models, and many details are ignored or made together with the same material.

3. The car model is made of high-grade metal, plastic or resin materials, with high processing requirements. The requirements of spray painting should almost reach the level of the real car.

4. If a car model manufacturer wants to make a model of a certain type of vehicle, it must get the authorization of the original manufacturer; otherwise, it is a violation of intellectual property rights, for which the car model manufacturer may have to pay a certain fee. In order to make a high precision model, the manufacturer also needs technical support from the original factory and provides accurate data. These are all things that toy designers don't need.