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Model car of Morris Garages

2022-05-26 09:00

In 1910, William Morris established Morris garage in Oxford, England. At the age of 33, William Morris became the first car dealer in Oxford and the largest dealer in Oxford. Through primitive accumulation, 10 years later, Morris finally realized his dream of becoming an automobile industrialist - the first Morris car was made in the small town of Cowley; At this moment, William Morris realized his dream of becoming an automobile industrialist, and Morris garage began to shift from automobile sales to automobile production.

In 1922, another person who had a profound influence on the development of Mg joined mg, and this was Cecil Kimber. Jinbo has worked in several automobile companies. He is a fanatical car fan, especially keen on sports cars, and has great design talent. He designs many beautiful body shapes.

At that time, the British car market was almost blank in sports cars. It was in this kind of car market that Kimber saw such an opportunity. So he boldly modified the Morris car, lowering an ordinary Morris Cowley chassis and matching it with a two seater lightweight body that is obviously sporty. From then on; MG is famous for its unique appearance, excellent performance, sports style and strong power. Since then, it has been interpreting the meaning of "British sport".

In 1924, Cecil Kimber, an Englishman, founded Morris garage, a car factory on the outskirts of Birmingham, England. Its abbreviation "mg" became the trademark of cars. The company is famous for producing famous mg series open top sports cars. Mg sports cars have always been famous for their unique design, fine workmanship and excellent performance. For example, the humanized front features are complete. Every time you see it, it's like meeting an old friend, giving people a sense of intimacy; The unique filler cap and the mesh air inlet under it add a sense of humor. From the Second World War to the 1960s, Mg's business was booming, and its products were sold to the United States in large quantities and were welcomed by American consumers.