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The development of Volkswagen

2022-05-26 08:55

Hitler put forward an idea in 1936 to produce a cheap "Volkswagen". He said that every German, at least every German worker, should have his own car, just like the United States. At that time, every five people in the United States had a car, and every 50 people in Germany had a car. All the workers and staff rode bicycles or buses to and from work. Hitler ordered the production of an economy car for ordinary people, which only sold for 990 marks. He was personally involved in the design work led by the engineer, Porsche (polcher). If private enterprises could not produce such cheap cars, the Nazi "labor front" was in charge.

In 1938, in today's Wolfsburg, Volkswagen began to build a factory, which was the largest automobile factory in the world at that time. It plans to produce 1.5 million vehicles a year to produce new models designed by Ferdinand Porsche, surpassing Ford Motor Company, the largest in the United States.

In Volkswagen Slovakia (Bratislava), a luxury off-road vehicle Touareg began mass production, marking the official entry of the Volkswagen brand into a new market area.
In December 2002, auto 5000 GmbH, which operates the group's factory in Wolfsburg, began the production of Touran minivan. The company has developed a special collective payment model to implement lean production, involving flat organizational structure, teamwork, flexible working hours and encouraging workers to play a more active role in production improvement.

Volkswagen brand will gradually use a new "engine torque based" rear logo system in the Chinese market. One of the core competitiveness of Volkswagen engine innovation technology is its excellent "torque performance". TSI turbocharged direct injection gasoline engine can produce more torque without increasing engine displacement, and achieve and maintain the maximum torque output in a wider range of engine speed, which can better adapt to the special traffic conditions in China. Volkswagen's energy-efficient engine technology and other energy-saving and environmental protection technologies provide a solid foundation for Volkswagen Group to carry out its energy-efficient strategy in China.